I am Barack Obama

Written on 11/04/08

I’m happy I’ve witnessed, became part of History.

Enslaved in words, shackled in HIS-story in a positive manner.

I wasn’t up there with him on stage,
but my heart was;
not only because I believed in him, his knowledge, his patience, his love, his dedication, his energy, and his passion; I believed in him because he was me, up there.
He was me, you, and them.
He represents to us more than politics;
he represents us (the people), us behind the bus, us hanging from the trees, us beaten, us tortured, us laughed at… us.

Now on his back he carries a baggage full of hope for the shattered dreams,
a ladder for the downed,
a sound for the deafened;
and a torch to shine on the forgotten.
While he’s surrounded by resentful eyes wishing that he fails, anticipating the smallest error for a crucifixion.
Walking tall within giants, as they conspire to hold his breath, he will soar like a winged arrow ’till his death.

He is change.
I know we haven’t seen that for a while, that’s why we feel so strange.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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