Mali Protests Against Women’s Laws

Recently there were an article on BBC “Mali Protests Against Women’s Laws” written on Sunday 23 August, 2009.

Now as you see the title of the article, you can guess on where I’m going with this. (I’m taking this through my logical opinions, not through the religious reasons mentioned in the article).

According to the article, tens of thousands of people have been protesting against this law throughout the capital (Bamako). This excerpt says “The law, passed earlier this month, also strengthens inheritance rights for women and children born out of wedlock. The head of a Muslim women’s association says only a minority of Malian women – “the intellectuals” as she put it – supports the law.

Now some of you may be jumping out of your socks, trying to understand why in the world would the “oppressed” (as some people may put it) would be against their freedoms; on the other-hand some of you are probably content.

Now, before we get into who’s right or wrong, lets try to understand and analyze the situation.

Every society in the world (at least the surviving ones today) are created by men, of-course women have played big roles too.

However the sets of rules have always been made by men, from the household to the religions you believe in.

THE MAN have always been on top of the ladder… yes feminists, blame society.

This means we have all grown into these thousands of years old societal beliefs, which have been programed in our brains like genetics and brainwashed us to the point that certain things in life must be done certain ways, no matter what!…

Hiya Hiya... Yeah baybay.

Hiya Hiya... Yeah baybay.

(the MAN will provide, The man will go kill a buffalo for you, the MAN will take you to dinner, the Man will go to war with another empire for you, the MAN will propose, the MAN will lose everything if you divorce him, because as a MAN he can get back on his feet, the MAN is the “MAN” in the relationship, the MAN will take the bullet, the spear etc… )

…and these certain things were created by these men because it corresponded to the nature that they lived in, like killing a buffalo requires a lot of strength.

More-so, we (male and female) do have physical differences, and old societies (cavemen as an example) are based on this: the woman didn’t have the strength to kill the animals and bring the food, therefore the man went out (while the woman stayed home) and killed the animals and brought the meat; and for the female part, she cooked it.

This has grown to “the man provides the food for the family, and the woman feeds the family”.

This notion has grown like this in almost every society till this day and age; where the man goes out and work, he brings the food and the woman cooks it (hello wanna-be housewives).

Females being physically weaker than men (well not always, but majority), radiates to the females needs for protection from their counterparts, which this articles points out where one woman states “ A man must protect his wife, and the wife must obey her husband” (I guess in her mind, equality must means disrespect).

Help meeee

Help meeee

Nevertheless, her statement proves that the females (some) needs that protection, and because of that protection the MAN has gained this respect (to be obeyed by his wife)…strength comes with power, and power comes with respect.

But now what happen if there are no sabertooth waiting outside?

Run for your life... noooooo

Run for your life... noooooo

there’s no big need of muscles anymore but those of the brain (emphasized).

As you can see today, it’s a different world. In order for someone to provide nurture, all they need is a degree and sit behind a desk (not do five hundred pushups and pickup a spear) and voila!… therefore, that old societal belief really doesn’t apply anymore (in most cases)… the highest paying jobs (which brings more nurture) are doctors, CEO’s, Lawyers, Entertainers etc… none of these sounds like the Navy Seals.

So why the fight?

Why not want equality?

Same job opportunity and the right to object if your husband -lets say cheats on you?

Well you can find my answer within my text…


Boooo, equality is losing by 2-0

Boooo, equality is losing by 2-0

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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  1. Asmaou Diallo

    I read the concerned article. There is this key sentence i agree with:”A man must protect his wife, a wife must obey her husband.”
    But today few, i mean very few men protect their wives! Do you what i think? I think the feminist phenomenon took its amplitude because men startes abusing of the position given to them by “society”. What happens when a man abandons his wife and three little children, without giving for eight years? What happens when a man brings back HIV to his wife at home? What happens when a men spends his whole salary on alcohol and women? And how are you protected when your husband brings into your home you r biggest rival (his second wife)? Men failed to fulfill their obligations! Women don’t feel secure any longer counting on men to protect them. I, as a little woman, wouldn mind being protected by my husband (although I think i can handle myself), I would be so obedient! Men should “respect” themselves to get obeyed! We women we are not looking ofr obedience nor are we looking forward to disrespecting our brothers,fathers or husbands. We are just trying to survive in this jungle!

  2. ibalde

    Thanks for your input Asmaou (beautiful name by the way). I totally agree with you with your standpoint, it has its strong grounds; however I don’t understand which side you’re taking. Are you for or against equality (as put in the article) of women and men?

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