Does Hip Hop Owes Women an Apology?

This is an interesting and hard topic. But I think that it should be more like “do men owes women an apology?”

The idea of using women to get money (in other words ‘sex sales’) is not only within hip hop, it’s throughout human history.

Now, we all know that these women dancing in their bikinis are models. And I’m hoping that they are doing it by choice… of course they are models, (I hope that none of those girls in 50 Cent’s Disco Inferno, were dancing naked because they were forced to).

Therefore one might ask… who should be blamed? Is it the model that is misrepresenting women? Or is it the men who are taking that advantage? (Let’s not forget the females that worship those rappers).

Nevertheless your answer or opinion, one mustn’t forget that women are basically used in many entertainment/media business. Should I ask; if Victoria Secret owes women an apology? If those beer companies

Bang Bang KO

Bang Bang KO

owe women an apology? If Hollywood* owe women an apology? If those boxing and wrestling promoters owe women an apology? Etc…

Have you been watching the news lately? Have you seen those women anchoring? Maybe CNN, Fox (Bill’O would disagree), Wb11, etc… owes women an apology.

The idea that “SEX SALES” have always been around, but people don’t seem to notice it; maybe it’s because they aren’t gaining from it. In my opinion the new idea of hip hop owing women an apology, is just an attack on the culture by people that don’t relate to it, (May I say Bill O’reilly).

By the way, “I’m not trying to justify the exploitation of women in hip hop videos at all!!!” But we have to face the facts; women have always been exploited for personal gain. So, for those of you hip hop haters that are trying to find a way to destroy the culture, really needs to close your traps. (By the way I hate commercial Hip Hop/Rap)

This comes back to my thesis it should more like “do men owe women an apology?” for using the female’s sexuality, and exoticness to sale their multi-billion dollar businesses or whatever.

…well it seems to me that we are all in this (male and female).

And for those women out there that plays with hypocrisy; don’t get mad if a brother calls you a BITCH. Hey, after all, you’re the same one that enjoys Nelly new song (Tip Drill).

What is your opinion?

Booty booty booty all around the world...

Booty booty booty all around the world...

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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