Is Technology Really a Need?

While speaking to a wise friend of mine, we had a little discussion about the affects of technology on humans, wilderness, and well… nature. There this has inspired me to once again state my opinion.

We as humans create to undermine obstacles, satisfy curiosities, and to fulfill our nature; which is to discover beyond the village.

I have always thought that technology is great, and it shows that we as a civilization are moving forward. Forward away from ignorance, while shining light in the shadows of the unknown.

But it could also be our greatest enemy.

We want to move forward, take new steps everyday. In example, when a baby is born, he/she would first crawl, then walk. That baby grows until death finally catches up (birth, growth, and death).

Human nature is equivalent to that of the baby. We were born as a civilization (Cavemen)… We have grown (growing) to a great thinking rational, productive one (Productive to what cost?). And we are going to die off eventually.

Technology is part of who we are. We invent because we are curious. When we can’t get fromA‘ to ‘C‘, we come up with ways (technologies) which would get us to our desired destinations or just accomplishments. However sometimes we forget or just blank outB‘ (nature), our life support. I have noticed that we are just looking out for our present not our future (well most of the times).

The Native Americans ones saidWe borrowed this land not from our ancestors but from our great grand children.Wise indeed. But I guess, their words are buried by our perseverance to discover.

Discover? But to what cost? The cost of building nuclear weapons? The cost of destroying the ecosystem for buildings, factories and runways? etc…

Discover.. woohooo!!!

Discover.. woohooo!!!

But sometimes I ask, why stay in one place? why not see what’s beyond the village? See what else is residing behind the trees? DISCOVER! Get to the moon, walk on the stars and communicate with Aliens. Hehehe. I think this is getting a little hypocritical, but that is the point. Which is no matter what we do; build or not build, it’s either we are going to keep moving forward, or just wait for the train to hit us.

This is a Subjective topic. There is no right or wrong, just opinions.

So tell me what you think…

burn baby burn

burn baby burn

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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