Masquerade of Women

Today’s society is a masquerade.

In today’s world, especially in the western one; if you ask about the rights of women compared to those of men, you’ll get more satisfying answers compared to those of a century ago.

However sometimes I find my self wondering, if this is just a big illusion? Has our current society created a masquerade to cover up it’s oppression toward women?

While on facebook, I encountered this well educated (well, at least she seemed like it) female. On a thread she wrote about her disgust on Women who can’t cook.

Make that darn food!!! WOMAN!

Make that darn food!!! WOMAN!

In her opinion, a woman who couldn’t cook would make a bad wife and therefore may never get a good husband because she CAN’T COOK.

And I have encountered countless other women who agreed with her, “…a women should know the three C’sCook, Clean, and Care’.”

I was so amazed by their strong defense on this subject. Since when it was a duty for the woman to obligatorily follow thethree C’s“? (Not that I think there’s anything wrong with a women who could do those…

However they are so basic EVERYONE should be entitled to them); But since when are they obligatory? It was when it hit me.

Of course, it’s all behind the masquerade; ‘Women are meant to stay at the foyer while the Men go to work.’

Wasn’t it a form of oppression if women were denied to work but forced to stay home?

Wasn’t it women who marched Bra-less in the streets because they thought that the Bra was invented by men as a form of lust? I wonder if a female would get arrested if she walks around topless just like her male counterpart.

Woo hooo

Woo hooo

If you watch most Hollywood movies you’ll see what I’m talking about.

It’s there, it’s promoted, it’s being program in the female mentality; “it’s OK hun, you are still equal if you stay home and Cook while I go to work; just like it was back then, 200 years ago…

It’s OK hun, you are still equal if you Clean and take Care of the kids while I go to work; just like it was back then, 200 years ago…”

A guy is a PIMP if he’s being intimate with more than one girl, and is worshiped by everybody. However a girl would be a SLUT if she’s being intimate with more than one guy, and she would be crucified by both male and female.

Why do you think that, you would see more Lesbians walking around compared to Gays? I’m sure you can come up with other legitimate reasons, however in my opinion; one of those reasons should be Society. Why? The reason is, as MEN in charge, we like us some girl on girl action; right?




Well this is just a one man’s words.


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