Why Are We Poor?

Well there’s a simple answer to that; society needs us to be so.

The ghettos will always be around, and we (Blacks and Latinos) will always be pushed down, because the American society needs us down in order to function.

Life is a cycle with balance; black and white, pain and pleasure, male and female, hot and cold, etc… And this is where poor and rich fits in.

Think about this scenario. Picture a rich family in a big house with three kids living in the suburbs; let’s call them the Andersons. And picture this single mother on wealth fare named Lolita in need of a job to feed herself, living in the inner city ghettos.

On a Sunday afternoon, the Andersons decide that they want to have a romantic dinner after a romantic movie; a movie and dinner without the kids. Now, they can’t leave them all alone in the house, because the oldest of the three is just ten years old; this means they need a babysitter for the day. Thereafter they call Lolita, and ask her to come and take care of the kids while they go romanticizing.

Now you may ask; how does the government or just the city gains from this?

Well… it’s an easy scenario.

The literally poor Lolita would need a way to get to the suburbs, because she doesn’t have a car. This means, she’ll have to buy a metro card for the bus or train (guess where the price of the metro card’s going?). The Andersons being rich, they’ll probably take their hummer (May I say, gas money to be spent), drive to the movie, pay for the tickets. Thereafter, they head to dinner and spend more money. When they come back home, they pay Lolita, then she go buy another metro card and head back home.

Now, time this little scenario to the thousands, everyday, and see the gain of our government. The poor is needed in order for this cycle to continue, therefore maintaining a balance within our society.

This could go for any other scenario you’re thinking of, society needs the poor in order to function. Who do you think would mow your lawn, if everyone was rich? Who’s going to work in Mc. Donald if everyone was rich? Who’s going to wash your car if everyone was rich? Etc… Why do you think Bush is pushing for a Guess Workers program for illegal immigrants? They need the poor to do the dirty work, so they can stay rich.

They need gang bangers and drug dealers (whom are factors of what life offers in the ghettos), to keep their police force going. Why do you think the CIA introduced crack and guns in the ghettos? Everything happens for a reason.

Being poor has nothing to do with being Black or Latino, if you take a look at our civilizations before the west bugged in, you’ll see how rich and organized we were.

Yes we do...

Yes we do...

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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