The Burial of Africa

Really if we come to think about it, we will know that African cultures are slowly and slowly fading away. Just take a look around, you may not even notice because it has been around for so long, that it has become our new cultures and some may even die for it. One of the things that really irk me about us Africans (including myself) is that we are losing our identities to acquire those of the outsiders whom have colonized and pillaged our ancestors. Everything that our ancestors have fought and built upon are getting thrown out the window, slowly and progressively.

This cultural erosion is so strong that we have been brainwashed so much, that we have fallen in these traps; where we discriminate each others based on how we look. We have become our own Klu Klux Klan. What’s up with all this bleaching and straightening hair?

LIGHT SKIN V.S. AFRICAN: Now It isn’t even about light skin v.s. dark skin anymore. It’s light skin v.s. African. As unfortunate as it sounds many light skin people (Mostly East Africans … yes i said it!) tend not to even call themselves Blacks, because in their little close-minded heads they think that they are somehow superior (This doesn’t apply to all). They have the nerves to tell you “eww I’m not black, I am Ethiopian or Somalian etc…” It’s really despicable, when an African tries his/her hardest to shadow his/her roots.

So what you have lighter skin than some Africans

So what you have a narrow nose compared to some Africans

So what your hair tends to be straighter compared to some Africans

So what your lips may be thiner compared to some Africans.

Are you saying that these Characteristics makes any superior? If so, are you saying that Arabs, Caucasians, Chinese etc… are superior to you also, since these features are more related to them.

And since you take pride in not calling yourself black because of these distinct features , are you saying that you are any more attractive? Shame-shame-shame.

Some of you people take this to another level of ethnocentrism.

This is all based on the brainwashed racist ideas that these outsiders have brought with them to Africa. They came and made people believe that the way god has made them naturally is ugly.

Your skin is ugly because it’s dark

Your hair is ugly because it’s Kinky

your nose is ugly because it’s wide

your lips are ugly because they are big

Why? because you look different then us.

So for those of you who have lighter skin, straighter hair, narrower noses, and thiner lips are more beautiful therefore you are somehow a step ahead of Black (The term used in poles to categorize people of  the African diaspora)” <— you know what i mean.

So now you have these Africans with these “superior Characteristics” downing others… the ones who fits the “ugly” characteristics straighten their hair (or put on a wig) and or bleach their skins. Shame-shame-shame.

It’s really shameful to look around (including my own surrounding) and seeing this, and if anything it’s getting worse. It’s bad enough our ancestors collaborations to the world have been stolen uncredited, now we are helping these outsiders pillage our own identities. What a way to go.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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  2. Rhiatu

    Thats why I ahve refused to join the trend of bleahcing. I am not going to bleach when teh skin given to me by god has nothing wrong with it. It serves its purpose so why should i disgrace gods art by tampering what he gave me because his other sons and daughters don’t appreciate how i was made?
    What about people refusing to marry otehr African ethnicities because they are too dark. What happened to judging some one on their own merits huh. We shall all be judged for judging anotehr human for beign what thy do not choose. What if you were judged for being African – a condition that was not of your own will or choice right?

  3. ibalde

    I’m highly glad you didn’t, it ain’t healthy to began with,
    and in my opinion a lot don’t wanna marry darker skin Africans is just for the simple fact that they’re been programed since childhood to always look down on darker shades. It’s very sad but true.

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