The Burial of Africa II

Well before i continue lets get a little recap: on the first part (The Burial of Africa I) I’ve spoken about Africans lightening their skin and/or downing darker-skin africans because western racism have taught the lighter the better (I know very sad, cry with me). Now it’s time to attack another phenomena which is slowly and stealthily killing Africa: the appointments of foreign languages in majority of African countries as national languages.

The majority of African countries’ national languages are either French or English, some spanish, Portuguese and Arabic… Due to colonization, the outside world have pretty much dominated Africa; even more-so after colonization, because we have resorted in wholly adopting their cultures to the point we have disguised it to be our own, blind to the naked eye.

Our languages are no more spoken outside of the household, everything is written in European/Asian languages; the main mean of linguistic-communication within every state is from elsewhere but Africa, then we wonder why we are behind.

Our languages doesn’t travel outside our own communities; not even our other African neighbors can understand us, the only way to communicate is to speak in an outsider language. We are all just busy glorifying the outsider’s tongues, the same outsiders who have burnt down our cultures. Matter fact i digress, they didn’t burn nothing down; they gave us matches and we burnt it down, and we keep burning it blind. One day we may as well just bleach our skins, straighten and dye our hairs blond and call it a day.

Nevertheless there are many reasons for this, other than colonization (the father of all). One clever thing the Europeans did to us was to carve Africa into property land; meaning France say “ohh I pick this part” and England goes “I pick this one then” so they made these imaginary lines called borders and help create the countries that are seen today. This carving mixed many different ethnicities around making it hard for one language to prevail and be the national language (of course this don’t apply to every country). Before generalizing and going into unnecessary details, i will give an example from a little known country located in West Africa called Guinea.

Guinea is a small country with a population of 10,211,437, a beautiful country indeed inhabited with many different cultures which clashes in the capital, Conakry. Now I say clashes, because that’s what they (the cultures) actually do when they meet, and the only place they meet is in the capital. Although Guinea is one country, it only seems like that when you’re in the capital, because that’s where you see all these cultures living together in peace and harmony (well, most of the time), and the only way to communicate is through the oppressor’s language (French) at the exception of the very-few people who actually learns every other dialect.

Once you leave the capital, you will find how literally separated the country is. The country is separated in four regions (Maritime Guinea, Mid-Guinea, Upper Guinea, and Forested Guinea), and each region have their own culture (language, food, history etc…) And now the evil-clever part of this mixing is: all these cultures which are sharing this country are not going to aloud another culture’s within Guinea to take the lead, meaning as an example The Fulas, and Susus are not going to aloud Maninka be the national language, vice-versa. Now this is a matter of prejudice or inter-racism and internal conflict with the different cultures, however the even-more-stupid part of this is, they rather let French (The language of the colonizer) be the official language.

I give credit and a standing-ovation to the first president Sekou Toure, who required that the Guinean Dialects to be thought in school instead of French. Because if that was the case, it would’ve been a cultural win and I’m sure many countries in Africa would’ve followed, since Guinea is one of the first to receive Independence from colonialism, therefore leading with an example. Unfortunately, when he died, so did the languages.

Now many people may think that this wouldn’t work anyway, and why people would say that is pretty obvious. Well the west basically colonized the whole world, the sun has never set in the western empires since it rose after their dark ages; therefore languages such as English, French, Spanish etc… are keys to many doors specially in today’s world. However if you never speak your thoughts, they will never be heard no matter how hard you think them.

China was also colonized, by more than one country actually and more than a hundred languages are spoken in China (main ones being Mandarin and Cantonese), in school, they learn everything in “Chinese” as people like to put it. The same goes for Japan, India, Iran and almost if not all other countries outside of Africa colonized by Europe. They all kept their languages and expended it… the majority spoken languages became the national languages.

Anyhow, I don’t oppose learning another language, no matter where is its origin. I personally wish I could speak every major language and others. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH KNOWLEDGE. However Africa needs to come to its terms and recognize, cherish and globalize its culture instead of letting it die off, blind. Speak your language in front of everyone, don’t be ashamed.

You learned and spoken their languages when you were at their home, why can’t they learn and speak your language when they come to your home?

Why are you speaking their languages in your home?

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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  1. Rhiatu

    Thank you, I’ve repeatedly said this with my family and friends. But as per usual they thought it was a stupid idea. They don’t believe we (africans) will progress if we speak our langauges and are taught in our langauges. But what about the Chinese, who are taught in their langauge, yet they are the leaders in technological developments, don’t we all have phones made by the chinese? Well anyways we shall not change, these mentalities cannot be gotten rid of so easily. But I believe something has to be done and soon before the very essence of Africa and our culture will be lost for ever and for what, to be still find ourselves not the same as our European counter parts. To still be different.

  2. sarah kourouma

    Love this post.. said it all

  3. ibalde

    Wow thanks to all of you.. highly appreciated.. and to the first poster (Rhiatu) I understand what you mean, it’s really unfortunate to the highest degree.. hopefully this and the next generation starts opening their eyes and start changing before it’s too late.

    Much Love.

  4. Wurie

    Thanks Ajani, you have raised the most important issue for Africans. It takes a strong person both mentally and morally to take your stand. Anyone who really can’t accept themselves for who they are are essentially weak (no matter how successful they are in conforming to other peoples’ culture). I lived most of my life among whites (and asiatics) and I have never seen even the poorest of them display any form of loyalty to anything but their own culture. When I see blacks trying to be like them I feel disgust.

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