Oh Guinea

Guinea, what have we become?

From colonized, infiltrated and destroyed within.

Left with a parasite which is destroying the paradise.

Raped resources, and left pregnant with the deficits.


But how?

Did we invite them to bed and closed our eyes?

So they stood us against each others?


We are a mixed of many,

different cultures clashing on a the cusp of time.

But each is trying to maintain pride and keep the country going.


But how?

Kill my son, i kill your family!


Because you’re a Fulla and I’m a Susu.

… speak a different language than I.

… eat different food than I.

… pray a different god than I.

Therefore you are a threat of my culture.

Therefore If one out of Fula,





etc… cannot be the national language,

then let the intruder language be so.



You live in “Base Guinea”,

I’m in “Moyen Guinee”,

you! you better stay in “Haute Guinee”,

and you! Oh you! dare not cross “Guinee Forestiere”…

however i meet you in Conakry.


Conakry the Capital,

where segregation comes to meet.

Cultures clash.

And the remnant is a corrupted government ran by one.


Damn! If a Kissi run for office I’m voting for him because I’m a Kissi,

…well I will do the same for the Fulla,

…the Mandingo

…the Susu



But who is actually good for our country?

well i don’t care, as long as someone from my ethnicity is in power.


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  1. cosmicfruit

    i am loving this you are wonderful looove you.

  2. ibalde

    Well thanks very much hunnybunz

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