Man’s Biggest Mistake

In the search of knowledge i wonder, I’m the nomad of this land, this land so dry so unpredictable.

I’m trying to climb the highest tree so i can see the farthest landscape , but the farther i see, the more i walk.

I’ve been walking toward mirages of answers, each step i thirst of more answers of what I encounter;

and when i finally reach the point, i look up and there’s another tree to climb, another landscape to wonder.

It all seems infinite, but now I’ve walked so far deep to the cusp of no return, trails covered in sand and ahead covered with mysteries.

Mysteries that i thirst more than life itself, but i know i will never satisfy my thirst, however still I search.

Stubborn mind i have, but i feel let-down by where I’m from.

I’m guilty of being human, I’m guilty of curiosity.

I refused to stay in the village,

i wanted to see what was making the humming noises,

why the sun fell asleep,

why the stars shined,

what’s behind the village.

So i’ve escaped, but so far that i can’t return.

I know I’m headed somewhere, i just can’t find the destination.

I don’t think it exist, because my curse is to forever wonder,

I’m a nomad otherwise i defeat the purpose.

On the road I’ve encountered others, like me like no others.

Some dead, some walking, some sleeping, some pretending to be searching.

It isn’t a coincidence that the earth is round because when you walk a circle to reach a destination, you will forever walk,

Therefore to drink from the fountain of knowledge you will forever thirst.

But i can’t give up, and when i fall down i will get up and i will climb another tree and i will walk another landscape.

And when i finally fall my last fall, breathe my last breath…

Let the sun flourish a tree on top of my grave, the knowledge i’ve attained will be its branches and leaves;

tell the rain to grow it as tall as the clouds,

and tell my children to climb to its highest tip and look as far as they can,

then tell them to wonder.

Tell them to seek the fountain of knowledge,

but warn them of failure.

Warn them of the hateful eyes, the snakes of the rivers they will cross, the vultures hovering their souls,

most importantly warn them of man’s biggest mistake, not to wonder.


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