Bronx Stop East: an MTA’s Incompetency

The incompetence of the New York transit system is just unbelievable and soon unbearable. I have to say, the #2 train is just the most malfunctioning/unsustained train on the planet; i rather ride a steam train.

First they raise the fare so they can get stinking rich, with their stinking trains and Bronx Stop Eastgrow fatter bellies, then they become more incompetent than ever with their big mouths and nasty attitudes; and we can’t even talk about the subways, i don’t want to offend the rats. And for some reasons unknown to mankind, there’s always a police investigation when the train arrives at Bronx Park East aka Bronx Stop East.

Every heavenly morning when the #2 train arrives at this station, someone gets mysteriously stabbed, jump in front of the train, the police is suddenly doing an investigation, or they suddenly start working on the rails. This routine never gets old. How pathetic they must be to actually think that people are stupid enough to believe this. Also lets not forget about the constant stop-skipping, It’s nothing more annoying than coming to your nearest train-station, just to find out that there’s no Downtown service; therefore are required to take the Uptown service to the designed stop and transfer, ahh just my cup of tea. What’s even more annoying is when out-of-frustration, you decide to ask one of the fat-jelly-guy on the little personal cabinet, why is the train not moving… he takes his ashy head out, out of unprofessionalism he barks at you that he doesn’t know anything, he’s not in charge; he then sucks his teeth as he sinks in his little hole. Ahh the power of America.

Another way the #2 train is so unreliable is even when they tell you they’re going express, you might as well go and take the bus, eat a sandwich, play ping-pong before you actually get to your destination. I mean these guys thinks that they’re somehow slick. It’s so funny to see them excite the passengers with their “This train is going express” monologue; with this they gather a lot of excited riders in their train- cars just to expressly travel like a chameleon. They like to go for a few seconds and stop for ten minutes… and this is to continue the whole day until you want to choke your self before you reach your destination. I guess incompetency must be something admired in their line of work. And a little advice: If you’re a punctual person and/or have a test you don’t want to miss, and if the #2 train is (unfortunately) your only option of travel, then… well I’m sorry you’re screwed.

Ok seriously; I honestly from the bottom of my heart thinks that, the dumbest MTA employees are sent to work with the #2 train. And this is not fair at all to the riders who relies on this model of transportation to get to work. I mean, these vagabonds don’t even care about you being late for work or missing that midterm because they are already at work. I’ve been riding this train for more than eight years, and each year it gets worse than before; and worst of that, they want me to pay more for their incompetency.

I think that there should be a website where the people are aloud to go and vote for which train is the worst (in this case the #2), and every month or so, the ones in charge of that train service is to be fired and replaced with more competent personals. Why? Because, taking the train is like having a chauffeur. That chauffeur is to take you to your destination in time with competency otherwise you fire him/her; and just like the chauffeur, the MTA gets paid by the passengers, furthermore if they (#2) keep up with incompetency, they are to get fired, FIRED, FIRED!!!

P.S. If I ever hear the MTA striking again, i will personally throw a shoe at them.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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  1. Yo, you are the funniest effin a-hole ever ! Bwaaaaahahahaha! And I’m mad I’m JUST finding out about your personal page and twitter page, smh!

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