The Burial of Africa III

Another very common however overlooked aspect of this African cultural erosion is the name changes; when was the last time you heard an African name?… really.

NAME CHANGES: This is one of the biggest shame our parents have acquired, to the fact that they have adopted outsiders names. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with you naming your child a name that you find beautiful, no matter where it’s from… but if a whole community, country and or continent (majority) start naming their kids, Mohammed, Mariam, Aicha, John, Paul, Michael, Rosa etc… is just sad. These are not original African names.

What happen to African names?

why using another culture to blend within yours?…

They (outsiders) never uses African names to name their kids, nor you will see a white person with a Chinese name etc… and vice versa (though Chinese people fit this shame also). You’re not gonna see an Arab kid with the name Omokwe or Samba.

Some Africans don’t even have African last names (which is even sad).

And many (the ones who actually have African names in their birth certificates) are ashamed of their African names, therefore many changes it when they grow up.

-Now some of you (Muslim Africans to be exact) will come with the attack: “but we’re giving our kids Muslim names from the Quran…” well, “those muslim names” you’re talking about predates Islam (that is when the Quran was revealed to the prophet Mohammed [pbuh]), Christianity, and Judaism. You have Arab Christians with the names Mohammed, Ibrahim, Aicha etc… these names are nothing but cultural (hint: they are names of respected people within Islam whom happened to be Arabs).


Another attack will be: “oh those names are blessed and have great meanings…” then it’s really ignorant because as an Example the name Ibrahim means “Father of many”. If that is the meaning, I’m sure every language in earth is understood by god, therefore why don’t you name your kids Ibrahim (father of many) in your own language. If the term “father of many” is equivalent to “iniminimanimo” in your language, then why not use that word (iniminimanimo) instead of using the arabic word Ibrahim; i mean at the end they all have the same meanings right? Enlighten me.

"There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a non-Arab over an Arab, nor for the white over the black nor for black over the white except in piety." OH YEAH?
“There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a non-Arab over an Arab, nor for the white over the black nor for black over the white except in piety.” OH YEAH?

-Furthermore, any person with a brain will of-course understand where all this have derived from. Colonization have fathered the killings of African cultures.

When the outsiders came; we opened our arms, closed our eyes and put on a smile welcoming a stealthy destruction.

The Europeans came with guns and a religion, left with land and slaves.

The Arabs came with swords and a religion, left with land and slaves.

Although they left, part of them stayed… their cultures stayed with us.

Now, don’t get me wrong because there’s nothing wrong with an African being a Christian or a Muslim, having faith in a given religious belief have nothing to do with adopting an outsiders culture. God is universal. I always use the term “Be a Muslim, not an Arab.”

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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  1. lovebug35


  2. Thierno

    While I agree with the crux of this article which correct me if I’m wrong is that each culture shouldn’t be ashamed to name their children with a name that’s relevant to that specific culture I disagree with you’re position on muslim parents naming thier kids after relavant people in the muslim religion.

    You’re religion is part of you’re culture. If you’re an African muslim then it shouldn’t be a notoriety to name you’re children Ibrahim, Adam, Yousoffe, Ayyob, Musa, or any other relevant name in the islamic religion.

    There is a very strong hadith that states the prophet said God favorite names is the ones that start with abdul and end with one of Allah’s many names or attributes (e.g Adul-Aziz, Adul-Rahman, Adul-Rahim.) If parents want to follow this tradition then they have their full right to do so without any shame.

    The only shame comes when you become a hypocrite and name you child a name that’s irelevant to your culture.

    • Ajani

      Good point; however your point falls under my IBRAHIM example. What thing you should consider is: Allah (this word as a word) is an ARABIC word; a word that’s used by Arab speaking people. All Arabs who believe in an Abrahamic faiths (Jadaism, Christianity, Islam) calls God as ALLAH. Although now the word is more associated with Islam; that’s only because the majority of Arab speaking people are muslims; moreover even when Arabs were pagans (during their paganism era); they referred to their gods as Allah… because that’s the word for god in Arabic. The same goes with Rahman; Youssoffe etc… They are all Arabic words with arabic meanings. When you understand this; re-read my IBRAHIM example.


      • Thierno

        I am well aware of your points.

        Don’t take this as a low blow but it seems that you don’t have a proper understanding of the superioty of the arabic language to others.

        Sure God sent prophets to every culture throughout human history but the last prophet and God himself have stressed the superioty of certain people and cultures. In the Quran God states he prefered the family of Imran above others at the time.

        The prophet also said that Allah’s best friend was Abraham ( I feel many muslim lack an understanding of hadiths which leads to interesting facts like this not known by many muslims.)

        I don’t find it a coincidence that God’s best friend was Abraham and that every prophet there on came from Abraham’s lineage.

        I also don’t find it a coincidence that the last prophet came from Ismael lineage ( as a matter fact the last prophet was the only prophet to come from Ismael’s lineage)as Ismael went through the most out of the him and his prophet brother Isaac.

        When you look at the history of the prophethood it’s clear the God favored Abraham over most and favored both Isaac’s and Ismael’s lineage above Abraham’s other offspring. And at the end I don’t think it’s too far fetched to say that God favored Ismael’s lineage over Isaac’s ( dispite the fact that he states he favored the family of Imran above all others during their time) as evident by the selection of mohammed as the last prohet.

        It isn’t a coincidence that the Quran was revealed in arabic rather than other languages.

        At the end, Allah wants all muslims to take the prophet as the ultimate example and try mirror their lives as close as they can to that of the last prophet. And if the last prophet named his children in arabic I don’t see it as being a shame for other muslims to try to follow that tradition.

  3. Ajani

    “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over an Ajami nor an Ajami has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over a white – except by piety and good action.” This was Mohammed (pbuh) farewell pilgrimage.

    This clearly states that there’s no superiority. Find me something in the quran (NOT THE HADITH) that says that the Arab language (or people) are superior… then I will take your words.
    For there are many verses in the Hadith that favor Arabs; that’s one of the reason why many people don’t weight the Hadiths as much.

    Yes the Quran was revealed in Arabic; and that is because it was revealed to Mohammed (pbuh) – AN ARAB who only spoke ARAB.

    “And if the last prophet named his children in arabic I don’t see it as being a shame for other muslims to try to follow that tradition.” YOU SAID… Sure there’s nothing wrong with that; however the last prophet is an Arab; therefore it’s in his custom to carry on his Arabic tradition. However the majority of the world (majority of muslims) aren’t Arabs. Your argument will only come out of an African mouth; because Africans are still on this brainwashed era to believe that their cultures are indeed inferior. If you look at Persians (Iranians i.e.), Bangalis, Indians, Turks etc… you’ll see that even though some of them have Arab names… the majority of them have their cultural names.

  4. Thierno

    I think you misunderstood the semantics of my previous statement. I didn’t say that the arabs are superioty to others but rather the language, that in itself negates your first arguement.

    Please clearify how the hadith favors arabs, there are many hadiths that prove the exact opposite.

    People who don’t take hadiths at its value are sadly wrong for doing so. The hadiths are a compliment to the Quran, sure the Quran is more reputable, nevertheless, sahih Bukari and sahih Muslim are reputable as well.

    How could we follow the prophets life if we don’t know how he lived. You’d be hard press to find narratives of his life in the quran as it only mentions him by name six times.

    I will concede to your challenge of finding a quranic verse that supports my statement of the arabic language being superior to others ( as I mentioned before it was the language not culture I was talking about. Nevertheless I leave you a verse that I find interesting. You should pick up the book “The Stories of the Prophets” by the famous scholar Ibn Kathir it’ll only set you back $20 but it is very interesting, every story is supported by the quran and hadiths.

    Surat Al’Imran: Verse 33:

    “Indeed Allah chose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of Imran aove the worlds”

  5. Thierno

    “Sure there’s nothing wrong with that”

    from this excerpt I really don’t understand your position on the matter.

  6. Ajani

    Ahhhhhh… we’re forever going on a circle.

    Lets close with this.

    You will never understand my position until you step away from the tree and look at the forrest.
    -I will never understand yours until i do the total opposite-just analyze one tree and forget the rest of the forest (something I’ve escaped a while back)

    May Allah (swt) guide us both.

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