I Apologize.

A year have just fallen behind us, an unforgettable year that is.
A year which came with joy and happiness for some while a wrath for others. Nevertheless if you’re reading this, smile. Why? Because you’re lucky enough to do so alive, it means that you have gotten through the year neither-less what it have brought to you.

Before escapading, Let me take a split sentence to greet you, and wish you a happy new year and the same for your friends and family, I hope all have been well and continues to be so for many more years to come.
I hope the new year starts with a heart full of smiles and eyes full of hope.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being there and being a great friend, and family. No matter what we have gone through, we can’t turn back time, all we can do is to move on and hope for the best. Therefore I apologize to you if I have done anything to you that may have upset you in any ways, any harms in all forms caused by me, I apologize.
Knowing that we’re humans, we aren’t perfect to the bit, it takes forgiveness to bond us together and learn to live with each others.
I know I have caused harm to you, therefore I hope that you accept my apologies, because I accept yours even if you do not desire to ask for them,

even if you think you haven’t done anything to me.

We were in different roads and we met at a junction, we mingled and parted, however parted in bad terms. And I cannot live the rest of my life knowing that somewhere down some road, I have caused a scar. Therefore see my apology as a band-aid covering that scar. I’m here whenever you need me for something.

My apologies to anyone who I’ve hurt.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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