The New Dimension: The superegonet

Oh the beauty of the internet. The creation which back-hand-slapped our ancestors, who spent restless hours in the field training birds to deliver messages, whistling to the sky hoping the wind will carry their poems to the ear of the chosen one, spending weeks meditating on top of a mountain to satisfy curiosity while bugs satisfies their belly; silly them.

However now it’s all done with the movement of a finger. Oh praise the Internet. The phantasy that overwhelmed reality, the home of billions of people, the resort for the down, the field of the malicious, the playground of the child, the library of the brains, the envelope that seals hearts; etc… i can go on forever.

The internet should indeed be considered as its own dimension.

We’re so overworked with satisfying our societal needs, overwhelmed with works and dreams. Humane priorities under the foot, we rest our conscience embarking in this eccentric dimension known as the internet; the place behind door however physically-safe exposed to the whole world, explore ourselves and express our opinions, dare and violate rules, mandate and dictate etc… I can once again go on forever.

If  Sigmund Freud had invented the Internet, he would had called it the Superegonet; because in this dimension we create a whole new persona hence we know that we’re most likely to meet new people, people that we may never encounter in flesh. Therefore we radiate the perfect being, we chant greatness about ourselves and elevate our statuses to everest. We mingle with strangers until somehow, sometimes it tingles our love. A strange relationship with Strangers living in landscapes and or oceans away and through this wonderful dimension these strangers becomes closer to us than our own family and friends.

We bare and share it all with these strangers: the souls without flesh contacting us through our computer screen. We’ve seen their photographs; we like their smiles, attitudes, comportment, styles; and in return they “obviously feels the same about us”. And through this perhaps we meet in flesh.

The cyber story closes there, but reality opens a door.

These strangers turns out to be shortly great people who we will perhaps fall in love with in flesh, until we share a roof; that is when their true personas comes out of the bushes; we’re then left surprised, “caught off guard”.

Do you remember when we asked daddy how he met mommy? Remember their romantic encounter? Remember? Remember? I’m sure each of our parents have their own stories and are all different however romantic in flesh. Nevertheless, in the future generation, the answers will all be the same and very predictable. And our answers to our children will be something like this: “Well my son… I friend-requested your mother.” … ?

Anyway back to our ancestors or just our grandparents (ok maybe not so … well ok just them a bit) who weren’t exposed to this dimension; when reality reigned and darwinism still applied, when they spent enough time with the person they loved, read books and solved their own problems, went to the farm, sat under a tree, breathed fresh air, and played checkers on a board, and… hmmm, tick tock… sounds boooooooooring!!!!

May I say, MORE facebook, myspace, twitter, google, spark-notes, wikipedia, yoville, aim, yahoo, eharmony, match, farmville, the sims, etc… more more moooore, makes life so easier eh?

If your online friend was just a soul on the train, would you had approach him/her and Say “wuzaaaaap”? get to know, befriend, share, mingle with him/her? Would you had done that with anyone you found interesting just by first-sight?

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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