Three Intriguing Films For a Mature Audience

9 SongsWell lets just say I’ve seen pornos less graphic than this film. The only difference between this film and a hardcore porn is that well, there’s no difference… well ok, these people were good actors. If you pay too much attention to the sex you’ll miss the point of the movie… well actually the whole point of the movie is sex, however it can be deeper than that depending on how tolerant and open minded you are. This film is basically about two people (Matt and Lisa) who shares a passion for rock concerts and passionate sex.

The Girlfriend ExperienceWho said porno-stars can’t act? Find that person and introduce him to Sasha Grey. Yes! it is that girl from that porno you’ve probably masturbated to a couple of times. BUT hold your zipper Richard, this not another porno. It is indeed a good movie without sex (minus the references); so you won’t see her jumping on that rooster. Basically this provocative film revolves around Chelsea-a highly paid escort (aka the girlfriend experience), her personal trainer boyfriend (Chris) who makes less money than her, and the recession.

The DreamersThis movie is perhaps the dream of every American exchange student abroad; well minus the weird characters portrayed. It takes place during the the 1968 student’s revolt in France; a young American (Matthew) get involved with these eccentric siblings (Isabelle and Theo) who he shares interests with and engages in a voyage of erotic experiments.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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