Summer Time In The Ghetto

I guess the summer is here already, nope not Spring; Summer! And if you live in the ghetto or anywhere near it, then you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, let me enlighten you. When the sun shines on these concrete jungles of the ghetto, three correlated things happens; ice-cream, crime, and underage-pregnancy.

Have you heard of the saying: the rise in the consumption of ice-cream, leads to the rise of crime? Well you probably haven’t, therefore let me enlighten you on this one. More crimes happens during the summer; why? because it’s hot and people love the sun; and when everyone is out to enjoy the day, then say hello to criminals trying to abuse the opportunity (common sense people). And how’s this related to the rise in the consumption of ice-cream? Well, hmm normal people eat Ice-cream when it’s hot, i.e. the summer. Ding ding.

Anyhow, another aspect of “summer time” is the underage-pregnancy; better yet, the underage hoodrats. So today, It was one of those “first hot days”-almost 70 degrees (and if you live in NY, you know what this means) in the Bronx; therefore it was a sign for a great competition for these young little girls. Before they pick out what they’re going to wear and leave their house, they say: “hmm I heard Moniquisha wore a bikini to the store today, well fuck her, I’m wearing nothing.“… so they wear nothing, and march up and down the avenues for the whole day with no destination in sight. Ok them wearing nothing is bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean… I mean, you can’t even spot who’s a prostitute and who’s going to the store to buy candy anymore; prostitutes have a great competition nowadays to impress potential clients. And how’s this related to underage-pregnancy? Well lets do the math. Young fifteen years old HS freshman sports her hookerwear, marches up and down the street for the whole day passing Mr. no-job loser/thug/drug-dealer multiple times; therefore he “holla” at her… I’m sure you know where this is going; it doesn’t take rocket science.

Therefore, Summer time leads to you eating a lot of ice-cream, which may also means that someone may mug you. And if you pay attention, you may see that little girl that you used to babysit walking around with her new bikini. So… hmmm… yeah.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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  1. Rama

    hahhha Ajani, i def agree with you, especiale about the underage pregnancy. Cause during summer time, it’s hot and girls usually wear short stuffs and i guess that’s how they attract losers sitting at the corner lol……but i guess we can’t help that lamo, just got to becareful as you said u might see the girl u used to babysit wearing a bikini lol……….smt

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