So much for the “movies won’t interrupt you, so don’t interrupt the movies” monologue from AMC theater. So yesterday me and my friends decided to go see the Clash of the Titans (“wack” movie by the way) on Time-Square, however we were interrupted by The Clash of Ghetto Girls in the Movie Theater. Now don’t ever underestimate this clash, it is indeed one of the greatest most annoying clash you will ever come across-with. The two combined together are one hell of a ride that will make you wanna pull your hair out because well, you can’t do anything about it; especially in the setting of a movie theater. Well you can hit them with popcorns and tell them to STFU, but then that will put you down to their childish level, and they will beat you with experience.

Anyhow, we were unable to enjoy the movie (perhaps that’s the reason why I thought the movie was “wack”) because these two girls just wouldn’t STFU. The sad part about it was, they were two grown adults (at-least in their mid-late 20’s). They kept-on commenting on everything that was going on, like everyone else in the theater was deaf and needed their annoying high-pitch voices to transcribe what was going on. The worst part of it was when some “shushed” them; oh this was kerosene spilled in hell, you should had seen these two “grown” adults ranting.

Really; I just don’t understand the mentality behind these personas. As a matter of fact; there should be a law that allow people to smack the hell out of obnoxious people who are loud, provocative and just won’t STFU; especially in the  movie theater. Lets sign a petition and send it to AMC. After all they don’t want you to interrupt their movie right? Right.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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