Somali president brings leadership back

“Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed joined his troops on the front line Wednesday to fight hard-line anti-government Islamists, a presidential aide told a journalist in Mogadishu.” CNN

Now this is what I call a leader… walk the talk. If you’re going to send troops to fight, pick up a weapon and stand in the frontline. The greatest leaders in the history of this world were warriors; some of them so great, their stories are told with magic.

And you may say that; well in todays world, it’s different. it’s more about diplomacy. Diplomacy? This haven’t stopped no war; there’s no difference. The only difference is that the leaders of todays world are cowards behind suits; giving orders to our men and women to die in a battlefield.

If you’re brave enough to send other people to war; you should be brave enough to fight the war yourself.

Read the entire story here (CLICK HERE)… What do you think?

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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