The Loving Hand: The Nurturer vs. The Nurtured

Life’s a circle in two stages. We’re born helpless at a young age and die helpless at an old age, well most of the times. Our survival while in these two stages is based on the care of a loving hand (The nurturer). They feed and shelter us; love and teach us.

We grow up in this rounded environment from crawling to running; until we’re able to take care of our own selves and others. Others that is. By the time we’re able to take care of others; the loving hand that have taken care of us to our growth, have grown to the helpless old age stage. The stage where our former loving hand becomes the one who’s helpless and in-need of a loving hand (The nurtured).

-In other words: mommy takes care of you until she can’t take care of anything else and needs to be taken care of; so this is when you come in and take care of mommy. It seems fair right? The nurturer takes care of the nurtured; then the nurtured takes care of the nurturer. A complete 360.

This may sound normal to many people however this isn’t the case anymore (I’m mostly speaking on Western countries). In these states; when mommy needs help; she’s dumped in a retirement home or a home-aid nurse is paid to come take care of her. Because the ones she nurtured for so many years are too busy with their “personal lives”. Imagine if she had dumped them somewhere because she was too busy with her “personal life”?

Well no need to imagine much, because she did dump them “somewhere” to pursue her “personal life”. In this society; it’s thanks to the babysitters and nannies that children are being raised. Mommy and daddy are too busy dying at work.

This society have become a place where you take care of your loved ones using a third partyMom and Dad pays the babysitter to be the nurturer; then later on, the nurtured pays a home-aid nurse to take care of Mom and Dad. Then psychologists wonders why families are always breaking apart.

A blame could be that: western culture have created a system of singularity; where it’s all about you and no one else; individualism rises and collectivism is buried. And this causes nothing but selfism. Selfism to the extreme point, until one forgets their own base; their nurturer, their nurtured. And because of this; i think, a special bond between us humans are being destroyed little by little in this individualistic society.

Anyhow; this raises the question if one parent really needs to stay home and take care of the children? Well this question was answered thousands of years ago; and even today in certain societies; where the woman is to stay home and take care of the children while the man works. Call this sexism (well at least i call it that) however it is an answer to this family dilemma; nevertheless I believe there are better solutions. There have to be better solutions. Family bonding is very important for a child to have a healthy future; and if the job of the nurturer is replaced by a HS student; then, the nurturer shouldn’t complain much if the nurtured place him/her in a retirement home.

What do you think?

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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