Top 5 world cup 2010 underdog players

Luis Suarez of Uruguay is definitely one of the most controversial player of the FIFA’s 2010 world-cup; not only because he’s a very good player… but because he’s the sole reason why two African teams got sent home. He caused South African goal keeper Itumeleng Khune to get a red card (VIDEO); and then later on used his hands to save a goal against Ghana in the semi-final qualifier game in the last seconds of the game (VIDEO); which will ultimately cost Ghana’s victory. Therefore you may hate him or not as a fan; however as a soccer player you’ll honestly have to respect what he have done and would’ve done the same to save your nation in the world’s biggest competition.

If you have ever seen the Spanish play soccer, you’ll be either happy or very angry depending if you’re rooting for them or not. This team is known for their amazing tic-tac-pass-pass-soccer techniques; with an average of 68% of ball possession in all of their game; they can make the rival team looks like suckers running in the field after a ball that they don’t see. Though this may be an advantage to the Spanish; it also comes with the disadvantage of barely scoring. Too much dribbling and passing don’t score; you’ll eventually lose the ball if you don’t kick it toward the net. Well at least that’s the case most of the times; however David Villa is another story. He’s known to strike the ball deep in the net with the smallest chance that he gets; and believe it, he scores. And this what made him stand out and made him such a great player among greats; overshadowing greats like Fernando Tores, Andres Iniesta etc…

Although it’s very hard to pick out the best player in the German team, because they were entirely excellent but Miroslav Klose scoring abilities have earned him a great place among world-cup giants. His speed and accuracy have made him one of Germany’s most dangerous forwards; taking the place of Michael Ballack, who couldn’t participate in the world-cup because he was injured by Ghana’s striker Prince Boateng during the English F.A. Cup final.

Diego Forlan is the best player in the 2010 world cup in my eyes. Without him and of-course the help of Luis Suarez; Uruguay wouldn’t had been anywhere. His precise passes and scoring abilities have earned him a place in soccer history in my eyes. Watching him play is mesmerizing; the cool laid back soccer giant is what I nicked named him. Not to forget that his goals are one of the best goals (VIDEO) scored in the world cup.

Ghana’s Black Stars were Africa’s last hope in the world biggest competition, which took place on the African soil. However this hope was destroyed by Uruguy; a hope that could’ve continued if Ghana’s top player had scored a penalty in the last second. Out of pressure, Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan, missed the penalty; hitting the post. Nevertheless; even though Gyan may have messed up that day which cost Ghana’s elimination; he’s the reason why Ghana made it to the quarter finals in the first place. He carried Ghana on his shoulders and did most of the job. When hope was none for Ghana, he came through for them; he attempted and attempted and at the end he failed. Nevertheless there’s a new hope for Ghana, because by Brazil 2014 he’s going to be a danger that every team Ghana faces will have to worry about.

Other worthy mentions are: Basically the entire German team, Nelson Valdez, Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, Landon Donovan, Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben etc…

Special thanks is to South Africa for breaking history and welcoming such a memorable world cup. And congrats to Spain and the Netherlands; it will be the first time for any of them to win the world cup.

The excitements and tears that the world cup brings; no other sport can compare.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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