The African Journey

Once upon a time; down memory lane on the road of a beautiful African journey.

Wake up! it’s sunrise at the tune of roosters singing good morning africa, as the giant red sun awakes to guide your journey; oh such a wonderful journey.

You’ll see; that roads full of life awaits you ahead, no concrete, the earth is your best friend so you can walk bare feet today, just feel the earth on this wonderful journey.

You can hug your mom, greet the elders, worship your deity, as you head to play with your friends in this wide open space; because it’s such a wonderful journey.

You’ll eat every fruit on this land, blessed from the dense rains and dancing sun; therefore fear no hunger because it’s such a wonderful journey.

From the long day of joy covered in golden dust, to the river streams you can purify as the mesmerizing forest dance to the wind’s commends on this wonderful journey.

In your path home; as you hear the sound of the drums as the griots set the giant sun to rest, follow the mellow wind home on this wonderful journey.

Rest as the night chant tails of men versus beasts while your thoughts race with the shining stars and moon; now sleep away from this wonderful journey.

Tomorrow awaits another wonderful journey.

Let not tomorrow destroy this wonderful journey

Let not the strangers destroy this wonderful journey

Let not foreign ideals destroy this wonderful journey

Africa the only land left for this wonderful journey”


About shakanova

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One comment

  1. Rama

    Awwwwwwwww how cute is this… i love it bro and i wonder how you do it man cos i know how hard is it for me to write such things. Btw i like the Rhythm “Wonderful Journey”, it makes it even more interesting to read and it shows some professionalism into it. Keep it up man, you have a long journey to go and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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