Wikileaks says: America Back to Real Journalism

“One man’s death is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic.” Stalin

So the act of real journalism is something frowned-upon in America nowadays eh? No wonder we still have some support for this never ending unpopular war on terror. A war which apparently have no more fronts, since the snake head aka Osama been Hidden is no more in the eyes of the drones.

The leaks of the “American war strategy nightmares” reports about what is actually going-on underground, on the battlefield to the American public by the whistleblower website Wikileaks is causing some serious stir within the American government, high-ranking military officials, and media. I mean c’mon; what type of journalism is this Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks is doing? What type of journalism shows the reality of war to the public? He should be incarcerated for showing the American public what is actually going on in the wars that their men and women are dying in. What an A-hole he is. Where’s Dick Cheney when you need him?

What Julian Assange did to the American public is something that could be characterized as this advertisement. Watch this video Now imagine this “un-American” video appearing on your local ABC channel. How disturbing is it to watch the reality of car accidents and how they occur? How dare they show you how shocking and eye opening this video is? How dare they make you think twice before you cross that street, or ignite your automobile? How dare they make you realize human’s greatest fear? Death. Huh? This is something that only someone as Julian Assange will do. The rest of the real news-casting America does this: watch this video

Now make up your mind; and ask yourself: which of these two videos will make me want to buckle up and pay attention to the road? And after you understand the importance of my little “drive safely” analogies using these two different videos; you’ll understand why Wikileaks is actually very good Journalism compared to giants such as CNN, NYT, FOX etc…

The reason why many Americans don’t question our leaders before entering in wars is because, they don’t know war past what Hollywood have shown them. Major news agencies are full of politics and bias, which causes censorship. The whole truth will never be known as long as censorship is intact within American journalism. And what the media is trying to sell to the public is that; the type of journalism where all is detailed and graphic is bad… well it is only bad for politicians running mind games on the public. Because journalism is supposed to be the viewers only realistic medium to the important events surrounding them. And if this was the case with the American media, oh trust me; a war would be very hard to sell.

If some hardcore American neo-right patriots don’t value the Afghanis and Iraqis lives, they will value the lives of their loved ones getting killed in harsh ways. Because there’s a difference between a news-report talking about a soldier dying from small arms fire (end of story) AND another talking about the same soldier being shot in the head at-least ten times at close range by a man holding an AK 47, then his body dragged for at-least five miles and burnt…
The more graphic and detailed a news-report is, the stronger the mark will be on the American public; just like when the body of an American soldier being dragged by Somali rebels in Mogadishu in 1993 made headlines accross America. This is the type of News that is always censored in our local papers and TV stations. They’re rarely reported in details; when in-fact it is the details that shocks the world; just as witnessed in that first video. I mean whatever happened to the pride in journalism? The pride in getting the bare truth and exposing it to the public? Why is Wikileaks being attacked for doing what every other Journalist should be doing?

Anyhow; as long as tragedies are being withdrawn by the US media; we’ll all just brush off the statistics like we do every day that we hear six U.S. Soldiers died in…

On a final note: I find it so ironic that in a individualistic society such as the US, we’re so collective about our sorrows.

God bless the fallen.

Well this is just a one man’s words.


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  1. i like your vision go ahead,it’s a great idea.

  2. Thierno

    A very compelling article.

    You’re thesis on the fact that the major news agencies are full of political bias is axiom in many circles that have apt understanding of the political situations.

    The truth however, isn’t accepted so easily by the masses.

    I applaud you for writing this blog, as it is neccessary for people to investigate and try to have a better understanding on the truth and the whole truth to situations suchs as these.

    A war of any sort is inhumane in nature, what we all must do is learn to live cohesively with each other and not have to constantly fight meaningless wars.

    If you get the chance, watch this movie Zeitgeist:Addendum, it’s very compelling in itself.

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