“No matter where you go, always remember your footsteps; because when your destination is no more welcoming, it’s only through your footsteps that you will find home. And there’s nowhere greater than home. Never forget who you are, where you’re from, and the ones who were beside you before you departed.” Shakanova


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  1. Jeremy Lebor

    So heres another one for you…

    The Dummy…

    In that forgotten part of town, where wasted hopes and dreams abound, a wrinkled man who’s mind wouldn’t bend, in hopes to have that special friend. He fashioned bits of wood and things, and made a dummy run by strings…

    He sat alone for hours on end, conversing with his new found friend. Although not by nature which is a fact, he found he controlled it’s every act. He told it how he never had a chance, and was always led a merry little dance, although he’d tried so to succeed, the dummy simply nodded and agreed…

    He told how his journey in romance, had never given him a chance, and wasn’t it a crying shame, that he was always held to blame. When everyone knew, oh so well, that life at times is but a living hell. Controlled by lust and power and greed, the dummy once more just nodded and agreed…

    With patience that would rival saints, that dummy sat through all complaints. With each little expert pull and tug, he’d droop his head or bow or shrug, and gave some comfort to the man, who held his lifelines in his hand. He helped to fill a lonely need, when he just nodded and agreed.

    Senility increased with time, as did the wrinkled man’s pantomime. As feverish fingers pulled with glee, the dummy danced in misery. They never left each other’s side, until the day both stopped and died. They found them laying hand in hand, the dummy… and his wooden friend…

    Jeremy Lebor

    • Oh wow that was a very powerful short story. If this happens to be an excerpt; from a longer story/book etc; i would love to read it. You have your ways with words, that is why I’m always on your blog. Keep up.
      Thanks for your comments.

  2. Jeremy Lebor

    Thanks… If you get five mins, take a look at my website… and you can see my work! – Alternatively, you can visit… – Great site by the way. Keep up the good work! – J

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