Dear Love

“I whispered you a poem in an empty bottle, closed it and placed it on top of a wave in the sea; then asked the wind to guide it to wherever you are in this world.” Shakanova


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  1. Jeremy Lebor

    Think your site is great… Clearly there is someone else out there that believes it shows a mans true strength, and not weakness to express emotions of love! – Anyway, here is a poem to you wish to add to your site…

    “Dear Love…

    I would like to know if you can help me understand, as what I have to say is quite serious. Why, when you come around, do people get sidetracked and become delirious? Please tell me love, why do you make people shed tears that fall like rain? Why do you hurt so much and cause pain? Why do you do the things that you do without any shame? I know people who nearly died over you, and yes, you were the blame. Love, sometimes I wish I never knew you, and if I have to make an admission, I am better off without you.

    Love, you break even the strongest of people. Mr Negative or Mrs Hate don’t even come close to you in that department. You are supposed to bring joy and commitment; instead you bring pain and resentment. You are supposed to brighten our inner soul; instead you leave us lost, in a black hole, and out of control.

    Love, please stay out of my life. I didn’t mean to wake you. I should let you sleep forever, and then maybe I could function without you…”

    Jeremy Lebor

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