Natural Beauty

“Beautiful is when you wake up in the morning, not after you mask your face with chemicals.” Shakanova


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  1. Alpha

    hey asshole, weren’t you the one telling me yesterday that people have different perceptions of talent? They might also have different perceptions of beauty. I actually appreciate and respect a girl who puts an honest effort into making herself look good. And chemicals aren’t necessarily bad; in fact they’re the foundation of modern medicine. Moisturizers and acne meds give women soft & clear skin, shampoo gives them healthy hair, sunscreen protects them from skin cancer, and so on…. I will agree with you that it (makeup) should be done in moderation, but it isn’t categorically bad.

    Also, natural & “good” or “beautiful” are not synonyms as people ALWAYS seem to think. (Why?) There’s such a thing as natural ugliness, and that’s why god made beauty products. Let’s not be hippie assholes and reject his benevolent gifts!

    • Hmm good point. However you perhaps misunderstood the point; or not. But I mean if you rather have artificial beauty than that of natural beauty then that’s fine.
      And we all know beauty is beauty; as in beauty it could be natural or artificial. Natural don’t make you beautiful. But if you’re beautiful naturally; no need for the supplements.
      Why would you really go for a woman who in order to “look good” have to spend a lot of time on herself; if you’re looking for beauty? If beauty is the motif; why would you waste it in artificial… the nxt morning she won’t look the same. LOL

      • Alpha

        I’m not saying I’d rather have “artificial” beauty. I’m saying that makeup and beauty products, when applied in the right amount, will only enhance a woman’s figure whether she’s naturally beautiful or not. There are definitely some (or maybe a lot) of chicks who OD on the sh*t, and of course, even if they were beautiful without it, it ends up making them look all plastic and repulsive. In that case, I fully agree with you. But just because some people misuse it is not reason enough to dismiss all makeup as bad “chemicals”.

        Another point I should make: just like I don’t think the word “natural” is categorically good, I also don’t think that the word “artificial” is categorically bad.


  2. Alpha

    off topic: i like the logo. real zen.

  3. Jeremy Lebor

    Good post… The beauty of a women is…
    Keep writing!

  4. Alpha

    “Beauty is a summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing is needed to be added, taken away or altered” Elio Carletti.

    Thought you might like that one.

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