Gay Rights Activist Murdered

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via google

David Kato; a human rights activist was murdered by an unknown assailant; the motif? Well; Mr. Kato was one of many men who were ousted by a Ugandan newspaper as homosexuals. Mr. Kato and many other men photos were publicized in the Ugandan newspaper, Rolling Stone; asking the population to hang them. And since; it has been a nightmare. Homosexuality is punishable by 14 years in Uganda… well in Mr. Kato’s case; by murder.

You got to give this man some type of respect for fighting for what he is in a place where his being is intolerable. Hope justice will be done and the perpetrator(s) bought to justice. Perpetrator (s) who acted in the name of “God”.

Nevertheless the blame should be on the newspaper, the government, and the church in Uganda; whom have done nothing but strengthen hate toward gays. And this is something happening all over the continent; discrimination of all sorts. No one have the right to judge another being; worst enough harm another just because they’re different.

Education is in need.

This is just a one man’s words.


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  1. aisha

    the sad thing about this article is that this man is now dead and the people who have done this will never be caught and brought to justice because in the eyes of those in uganda this is the right thing to go and so me that is more saddening people need to understand and to change cause it take one person to make a difference but that person needs to be protected so he can spread the world

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